ACO 2015 World Amateur Chess Championship Kos


Group A:

2201 - 2400

1st place: GM Thomas Pähtz (GER)

2nd place: IM Bogdan Borsos (UKR)

3rd place: IM Oleg Boricsev (HUN)

Group B:

2001 - 2200

1st place: WGM Carla Heredia Serrano (ECU)

2nd place: Sven Jerie (GER)

3rd place: Dirk Bösch (GER)

Group C:

1801 - 2000

1st place: Kim Heiner-Larsen (DEN)

2nd place: Samuel Eckardt (GER)

3rd place: Andreas Schindele (GER)

Group D:

1601 - 1800

1st place: Ojars Petersons (LAT)

2nd place: Stephen C Pride (ENG)

3rd place: Dieter Bauer (GER)

Group E:

1401 - 1600

1st place: Antonio Maset (ARG)

2nd place: Bernhard Roos (GER)

3rd place: Tymon Ochedzan (POL)

Group F:

1201 - 1400

1st place: Michal Redzisz (POL)

2nd place: Szymon Skurniak (POL)

3rd place: Dimitrij Wagner (GER)

Group G:

0 - 1200

1st place: Nikolay Gutsulyak (RUS)

2nd place: Alexander Alexeev (RUS)

3rd place: Walter Hebenstreit (AUT)

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Silouhette of a king (chess piece)