ACO 2025 World Amateur Chess Championship

ACO 2025 World Amateur Chess Championship

Become World Champion in your rating group.

The tournament will be played in 7 rating groups. Each group plays separately, which means you only play against opponents of your own level. For the division of groups your highest rating (national or international) at the time of registration applies.

Large pool with seating, in the background mountains and the Mediterranean Sea

Sneak peak of what you can expect...

If you like chess, sun and good food our events are the place to go.

Sneak peak of what you can expect...

If you like chess, sun and good food our events are the place to go.

Win the trophy!

It shines, honors and reminds of the unforgettable World Chess Championship in Greece: the trophy!

Celebrate with us the seven new World Champions of the different groups. Or even better, be honored as one of the three winners in your group!

Close up of a blue trophy against blurred background
Close up of some blue and golden trophies

Bonus: The special trophies

Not only tournament winners receive trophies at our events. It is our tradition that players receive an appreciation trophy for their fifth or tenth participation.

More than 100 players have already succeeded in doing so. Become a part of our chess family and create an unforgettable history with us.

The following services are included in the tournament entry fee:

Participation in the World Championship

Game analysis with a grandmaster

Grandmaster lectures

Grandmaster simul

Participation in the blitz tournaments

English speaking organization team on site

Free assistance with flight search

Email and telephone support

How to get to 


There are direct flights to Crete from all European countries. We will support you additionally (and free of charge) with all questions concerning the best flights.

Feel free to send us an e-mail to:


Find new chess friends, from over 60 different nations!

We connect people with the passion for chess and travel. There are no language barriers here. Even though people from over 60 different nations have taken part in our World Chess Championships.

Many participants have been coming back again and again for years and became friends. The atmosphere is always very friendly - on and off the chessboard.

Our international team, who speaks many different languages, will assist you prior or during the events with anything you might need.

Three older male persons in a restaurant are looking at a chessboard

How to become part of our chess family

In three easy steps to Greece. We guide you step-by-step towards sun, beach and cup!  (Attention: The number of places are limited!)


Book your hotel room

Choose an event and select your preferred room type via the online booking form.


Register for the tournament

Pay the entry fee in order to complete your registration.


Book your flight to Greece

If you need assistance to find a good flight we are glad to help.


How do I get to the tournament?

In European countries there are usual direct flights to Crete or Kos. If there is no direct flight from your airport, you can fly to Crete with a stopover in Athens or Thessaloniki. If you decide to attend the World Chess Championships on Kos, we recommend a stopover in Athens. In addition, we will assist you free of charge with all questions regarding the best flight. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance with your flight booking - we are always ready to help! Insider tip: For your own flight search, we recommend https://flights.idealo.com/

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Depending on the tournament, in Crete or in Kos, the transfer to the airport differs:Transfer from Heraklion airport on Crete: The hotel is located 25 minutes from the airport. Transfer from Kos airport on Kos island:The hotel is located just 15 minutes from the airport.

Do I have to stay at the hotel where the tournament is held?

We are a chess family and our chess tournaments are true journeys of experience. We fill up with the same energy from the sun, we dine together and provide the same conditions. To create the fullest experience, all players and accompanying persons stay in the official hotel where the chess events will also take place. All bookings must be made directly through ACO.

Can I extend my stay?

You are welcome to add extra days before or after the tournament at the same hotels conditions and services included as during the tournament. The prices depend on the type of room you choose. Sometimes it is cheaper to book extra nights in exchange for better or cheaper flight connections. Tip: When registering via the online form, the costs for extra nights will be calculated and displayed automatically. Extra nights do not have to be specified directly when registering, but can also be booked at a later date. Contact us for this purpose by E-Mail to contact@amateurchess.com

What is the cancellation policy?

Hotel cancellation policy for events on Crete (5-star Fodele Beach Resort):
You can cancel your hotel booking free of charge up to 3 days prior to your arrival.

Hotel cancellation policy for events on Kos (5-star Atlantica Belvedere Resort):
You can cancel your hotel booking free of charge up to 14 days prior to your arrival.

Full refund of your tournament starting fee
In the event that you need to cancel your participation in the tournament, you will receive a 100% refund of your entry fee, regardless of the timing.

In which rating group do I belong?

Our goal is for each player to play only against opponents of a similar level. The rating number at the time of registration applies. For the grouping, the higher rating number is valid for players with an international rating (ELO) and a national rating.

The tournament will be played in the following 7 rating groups:

Group A: 2201+
Group B: 2001 - 2200
Group C: 1901 - 2000
Group D: 1751 - 1900
Group E: 1651 - 1750
Group F: 1501 - 1650
Group G: 0 (without rating) - 1500

I am a beginner without an official rating - in which group do I play?

Players who do not have a national or international rating can only participate in group G (Rating 0-1500)

Where can I get help if I have questions about the trip?

We have separate support teams to provide you with the best advice on every concern:
ACO World Amateur Chess Championship: amateur@amateurchess.com
ACO World Senior (50+) Chess Championship: senior@amateurchess.com
ACO World Super Senior (65+) Chess Championship: supersenior@amateurchess.com